May 2021 Meetings of ANC 6B

May 2021 Meetings of ANC 6B

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  1. Introduction
  2. Adoption of Agenda
  3. Consent Agenda
  4. Presentations
    1. Department of Parks and Recreation – Summer Camps, DC Pools, and Recreation Centers – Tentative
  5. Community & Commission Announcements & Speak Out
  6. Alcoholic Beverage Control Committee
    1. ABRA-117731: SA Franchise, LLC t/a Extreme Pizza, 520 8th ST SE: Renewal Class C Tavern License: Applicant: SA Franchise, LLC; Contact info tbd; Petition Deadline: 05/17/21 [6B04]
    2. ABRA-117582: Mendelson 301, LLC, t/a Santa Rose Taqueria, 301 Penn Ave SE; Request to transfer Class “C” Restaurant license from 301 Penn Ave SE to 313-315 Penn Ave SE; Applicant: contact info tbd; Petition Deadline: 05/24/21 [6B01]
  7. Planning and Zoning Committee
    1. HPA 21-320: 360 7th St SE: The Eastern Wine Bar: Concept: add metal pergola structure at sidewalk; Applicant: Efrat Tamary,; Hearing Date: 5/27/2021 or 6/3/2021 [6B02]
    2. HPA 21-253: 420 11th Street SE; Rear addition and change in front façade from stucco to wood siding; Owner: Esther and Michael Konrad; Architect: Vaclav Malek,; Hearing Date: 5/27/2021 or 6/3/2021 [6B04] Plans:
    3. BZA 20461: 1525 K St SE; Special Exception to construct a rear, one-story addition with roof deck, to an existing, three-story, attached, principal dwelling unit in the RA-2 Zone (Square 1079 Lot 0039); Applicant: Alvaro Vasquez and Meredith Hutchinson; Architect: Michael Fowler,; Hearing Date: 05/19/21 6/16/21 [6B06]
    4. HPA 21-262: 313 9th Street SE; Second story addition to existing two-bay garage; Owner: Kitty Kaupp; Architect: Jennifer Fowler, [6B05]
      [Will be considered only at full meeting on May 11]
    5. BZA 19616A: 818 Potomac Ave SE; Modification of Significance to change the principal use of and add special exception relief for the approved project at 818 Potomac Avenue SE (Square 930, Lot 23); Applicant: Thomas Jefferson Real Estate, LLC; Architect: Cary Kadlecek, ; Hearing Date: 6/9/2021 [6B04]

      [ANC 6B consideration delayed until June; New BZA Hearing Date 6/30/2021]
    6. HPA 21-261 & BZA 20467: 232 10th St SE; Historic Preservation Conception Review and Special Exception to construct a three-story with cellar and roof deck, rear addition, to an existing attached, two-story with cellar, principal dwelling unit in the RF-1 Zone (square 0969 Lot 0083); Applicant: Geoff Anderson and Harriet Tregoning; Architect: Jennifer Fowler,; HPRB Hearing Date: 5/27/2021 or 6/3/2021; BZA Hearing Date: 5/26/2021 [6B05]

      [BZA and HPRB cases delayed until after ANC 6B June meetings. ANC 6B review delayed until June]
    7. HPA 21-324: 900 South Carolina Ave SE: Concept: remove awning and bays at front and add two new door openings; add two window wells at west elevation and larger basement areaway at rear; new window openings at rear second story; new openings and cladding at rear one-story addition; new openings at one-story garage; Applicant: Scott Patterson and Patrick Tangney,; [6B05]
      [Case will be considered in June; New HPRB hearing date 6/24/21 or 7/1/21]
    8. BZA 20465: 13 7th St SE; Area Variance to construct a rear addition to an existing, attached, two-story with basement, principal dwelling unit in the RF-1 Zone (Square 0869 Lot 0827); Applicant: Patrick O’Rourke; Architect: Kim Jones,; Hearing Date: 05/19/21 [6B02]
      [Case will be considered in June; BZA Hearing rescheduled for 6/23/21]
  8. Transportation Committee *No Monthly Meeting for May*
    1. PA Avenue Streetlights Project – Update on Traffic Signals – tentative
      To Be Heard at the Full ANC Meeting
  9. Hill East Task Force
  10. Livable Community Task Force
  11. Eastern Market Community Advisory Committee
  12. Capitol Hill Business Interest Working Group (formerly Barracks Row Working Group)
  13. Financial
    1. Treasurer’s Report
    2. FY21 Quarter 2 Report
  14. ANC 6B Administrative Matters
  15. ANC 6B Input on Other Concerns
  16. Adjournment

PLEASE NOTE: At regular Commission meetings, any item may be removed from the consent agenda and placed on the regular agenda at the request of a single Commissioner. All ABC, BZA, Zoning, and Historic Preservation cases may be added to this agenda. For additional information, email, or visit ANC 6B’s website:

The ANC 6B Executive Committee will meet on May 25 at 7:00 PM to set the June 2021 agenda. This meeting will be a Webex virtual meeting. Meeting link TBA.